Meet the Senior Management Team:


Lee Smith: Director, Founder

Lee has extensive experience in CAMHS, forensic, secure and in-patient services within the NHS and independent sectors. From qualifying as an RMN in 1996, he has developed clinically and professionally through staff nurse, ward manager, Lecturer-Practitioner, CAMHS clinical nurse specialist and Nurse Consultant posts, prior to setting up Cove. His passion throughout, and remains, delivering innovative and best-practice services for the residents. Lee’s experiences and skills, especially those developed within the ‘higher-end’ CAMHS tiers, enable the teams that he leads to work proactively with challenging young people, and also to collaborate with involved stakeholders on their often unidentified mental health difficulties.

Bev Cyrus: Director, Founder, Nominated Individual

From RMN qualification in 1994, Bev has also dedicated her professional life to children and young adults with mental health difficulties, and has worked in open CAMHS settings, eating disorder services and, in 1998, as the ward manager led and piloted the UK’s very first CAMHS Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The immediate success of this cutting-edge independent sector service paved the way for many similar services developing across the country. Bev also qualified as a psychotherapist in 2002, and applies her extensive knowledge and skills directly in sessional work with young people, and also in working closely with the staff, enabling skilled and informed therapeutic team approaches and carefully-established therapeutic environments. Bev is acutely aware of, and committed to improving, the outcomes for those people who are often seen as ‘difficult to engage’, ‘hard to treat’ or ‘not suitable for psychotherapy’, and Cove is an ideal service to facilitate this.





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